Company History


1988 – Company founded in Brasília DF, Brazil. GFS Software launches GFS/AFM, the leading product of its industry in the Brazilian market.

1994 - GFS releases GFS/Stack and transfers operations to São Paulo - SP, with a complete infrastructure for system development and customer support.

2002 - GFS starts operations abroad, by means of distributors in Europe. In addition GFS acquires the GFS/SOM.

2003 - GFS launches GFS/TQS, a unique solution able to provide certification and quality control for tapes under z/OS.

2007 - GFS releases GFS/iTQS, a web-based reporting solution complimenting GFS/TQS.

2008 - GFS celebrates its 20th anniversary, awarded for eight consecutive years (2001 to 2008) with the "Eminence of the Year" award from the Informática Hoje Yearbook.

2010 - GFS Software, Inc. is founded in New York to provide direct services and support to customers in North America.

2012 - Created partnership with BOOLE SERVER for protection of company files.

2014 - Created partnerships with Generic Systems Australia, Tamnum, and Technical Storage.