GFS/Stack Automatic Multi-File

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Save Resources and Improve Performance of z/OS Tape Libraries

GFS/Stack eliminates waste in tape library resources, providing real savings with surprising simplicity and results. It allows full volume occupation of any media capacity during runtime, quickly releasing thousands of tapes. Costs are further reduced by decreasing the occupation of cells, vaults, silos, and physical space. 

GFS/Stack keeps the tape library continuously optimized, maximizing the return on infrastructure investments. It also optimizes production performance by significantly reducing the number of tape mounts and positioning time thus reducing processing times for jobs using tapes.

GFS/Stack is unique in that it performs file stacking, automatically and in real-time, eliminating the need for ”post-processing”.

GFS/Stack is secure in the event of a disaster, making data recovery easier. GFS/Stack does not interfere with the file writing process. When needed, tapes can be read in any environment, without requiring GFS/Stack.


GFS/Stack Benefits
• Optimizes tape media usage of any capacity in real-time
• Reduces costs associated with tape storage (tapes, silo, floor space, etc.)
• Optimizes batch processes
• Intelligent data migration to exploit distinct technologies
• Increases lifespan of existing infrastructure preserving existing investments

Important savings for z/OS Tape Libraries