GFS Partnerships



Advanced Technological Research Inc.

Lexonix Technologies is the brand name of Advanced Technological Research Inc (ATRI), offering product and service solutions to the batch processing and I/O subsystem areas of IT. The company's initial service offering was Batch Analysis Service, since then developing new products and I/O subsystem tuning services. VisiTrac, a batch monitoring service, delivers years of batch tuning expertise to the customer for the monitoring and modeling of highly integrated batch systems.

Phoenix Software International

Phoenix Software International develops software for the z/OS and z/VSE operating systems, and personal computers via desktop and web browser interfaces. Phoenix, the leading data entry software provider worldwide, has been doing business since 1979, with an international distribution network covering more than 120 countries.


Pristine Software

Pristine Software has an established history in developing technologies for automatic and transparent monitoring, recording, backing up, recovering from, managing and deploying changes across IBM z/OS SYSPLEX environments.



SQData offers a comprehensive data integration platform that allows customers to address multiple business needs, including continuous availability of critical applications, streamlining data warehouse data feeds, detection/publishing of key business events, integration with cloud applications, real-time business intelligence and legacy data migrations...just to name a few.


Asia Pacific 
Generic Systems Australia

Formed in 1993, Generic Systems Australia distributes multiplatform software solutions in Australia and New Zealand that serve to secure, manage, and improve the performance of their clients' IT environment. The company supports mainframe, midrange, and Windows platforms. Since 1993, many of the largest companies and government departments of Australia and New Zealand continue to be clients of Generic Systems Australia.







































Beta Systems Software AG

Since 1983, Beta Systems has specialized in platform-independent software products that operate across application boundaries. Customers include major international corporations and organizations that operate extensive IT systems and complex IT processes, including banks, insurance agencies, manufacturing, trade and utility companies, as well as public administrations. Over 1,300 customers in more than 30 countries rely on solutions from Beta Systems Software AG.




INTERCHIP AG was founded in 1987 and is based in Munich, Germany. The company is privately held and provides enterprise-wide, multi-platform solutions for the optimization of complex IT environments. In addition to representing select software companies in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, INTERCHIP AG develops its own market-leading products. INTERCHIP AG products, including RealTime Defrag and RealTime Standards are currently in daily use at some of the largest banks, insurance companies and airlines worldwide.



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BOOLE Server

Boole Server has been developed with both business and technical expertise with the goal of securing and protecting confidential information belonging to companies and sensitive areas of governmental organizations. International managers and IT engineers have created a unique data protection software capable of facing and winning the high-level challenge against its Silicon Valley competitors.


Technical Storage

Established in 1996, Technical Storage is a fully integrated data center and provider of quality solutions for MVS z/OS environments. Specializing in z/OS, SAN and NAS architectures, Technical Storage analyzes each client's unique data storage needs according to their existing systems and budget, and assists in implementing a more cost-effective and efficient solution. Technical Storage gives businesses the advantage as data storage needs continue to soar.