Integration Projects

With over 30 years of experience in the consulting and software business, GFS has experience in projects of great complexity and size, adherence to the best practices and technological certifications, elements that allow to minimize risk, optimize the budget and anticipate problems which always arise when implementing integration projects.

Our project solution and systems integration can include planning, design, implementation and project management of computer solutions. In addition, it has associated services from the integration of elements of software (own or third-party), hardware and communications to solve the specific technical or business needs of clients through the appropriate use of IT.

Consulting services

GFS consulting services provides special solutions of technological, economical outlook and quality to support tactical decisions and customer executive level strategies, either for new solutions as well as for the optimization of solutions already in production.

  • • Consulting, design and IT architecture oriented to the creation and design of innovative and competitive solutions

  • • The development strategy considers coordinated activities between business, technology and consultants.

  • • Consultancy of IT processes, which includes analysis of processes and current methodologies for delivery of services, providing alignment with company strategy, always aiming continuous improvement.


Tax Solutions Projects and Brazilian Localization

To meet Brazilian legal requirements, is required to customize specific rules and laws that impact SAP and its operations.

For Brazil and other countries that require specific reports and fiscal documents, SAP has developed localization packages that can be activated accordingly to the needs of your company.

In addition to localization packages, some countries may require specific developments.

We have specialists able to offer adequate solutions for the Brazilian Import Process to our customers with branches in Brazil.

Process Rollout

In cases where a multinational company needs to operate SAP in a Brazilian branch and want to keep its processes, a Rollout implementation of the system must be made.

GFS is able to manage, implement and train SAP users in Brazil, using all its structure and experienced professionals to perform the Rollout with guarantee of success.

We have specialists in the Brazilian scenario to implement your project according to the level of complexity and local legislation.

Upgrade and Migration of Versions

Sometimes is required to perform a version upgrade in your company’s SAP to guarantee access to the system's new functionalities, as well as bug fixes.

GFS has experts with experience in upgrading projects and applying updates, support packages and validate existing processes and developments in the SAP environment, ensuring that there will be no impact of running the company’s system on the new version applied.

Allocation of Professionals

The GFS recruitment and selection team analyzes in detail the technical profile, professional and behavioral history of potential candidates. Aiming to guarantee the full satisfaction of our clients and the highest technical level of the professional assigned to your company.

GFS provides allocation SAP specialist on-site or remotely.

SAP Automation and SAP Scheduling

Improve your SAP processing and remove the limitations of your native SAP CCMS based Job Scheduler (SM36) by transitioning to Stonebranch‘s® Universal Automation Center. Providing much more functionalities and agility than the CCMS scheduler,

Universal Automation Center will support you with an easy-to-use integration to all 3rd party applications. Switching to an event-based workload automation approach solves your background processing challenges, be it financial, logistics, manufacturing, HR or retail.

Get the most out of your SAP investments and start automating your SAP jobs and workloads today.