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GFS Software's most comprehensive software collection guarantees fiduciary compliance and real-time operational optimization, as well as the integrity, availability, and security of your data.

Red Table  

Real-Time Stacking and Optimization  
• Uniquely performs real-time file stacking, eliminating the need for post-processing.
• Greatly reduces future infrastructural investments by allowing full volume occupation, saving on tape acquisition and physical space.
• Continuously optimizes tape library and production performance.

Unique Tape Quality Control for Audit and Compliance  
• Fulfills audit and fiduciary compliance requirements.
• Identifies tapes that have reached the usage limit.
• Controls integrity and quality of data by automating replacement of old tapes.
• Ensures data authenticity and detects fraud by providing compliance certifications.

Web-Based Reporting  
• Provides easy-to-understand, detailed reporting of the tape library environment via web browser and graphic interface.
• Provides customizable graphical charts, summaries, and queries, which can be grouped by audit, billing, capacity planning, quality, and usage.

Advanced Tape Management Features  
• Dynamically automates and integrates tape management operations.
• Provides higher availability of stored data.
• Eliminates the need for frequent shutdowns for configuration or maintenance – no reformatting databases or halting batch processing.
• Seamless conversion from preexisting tape management systems – can be put into production immediately after installation.
• Easy to use and maintain.