A Customer Driven Company: While “customer driven” may be a buzzword term for many other software vendors, at GFS it is at the core of our business philosophy. A significant percentage of our revenue is reinvested in development and customer support. Our customer satisfaction and retention rate reaffirm this. GFS solutions have been, and continue to be, enhanced based upon the valuable feedback we receive from our most valued partners … our customers.

Our laboratory in São Paulo has its own mainframe, which is constantly updated. Our latest investment was in the IBM z16-A02 mainframe.


To develop essential and innovative software with high performance and achievement of results.


To create efficient systems to solve complex issues in a quick and simple way.


Reliability, quality, and excellence in support.


Company founded in Brasília DF, Brazil. GFS Software launches GFS/AFM, the leading product of its industry in the Brazilian market


GFS releases GFS/Stack and transfers operations to São Paulo – SP, with a complete infrastructure for system development and customer support.


GFS starts operations abroad, by means of distributors in Europe. In addition GFS acquires the GFS/SOM.


GFS launches GFS/TQS, a unique solution able to provide certification and quality control for tapes under z/OS.


GFS releases GFS/Web Interface, a web-based reporting solution complimenting GFS/TQS.


GFS celebrates its 20th anniversary, awarded for eight consecutive years (2001 to 2008) with the “Eminence of the Year” award from the Informática Hoje Yearbook.


GFS Software, Inc. is founded in New York to provide direct services and support to customers in North America


Launches the GFS / SMA solution for settlement of IBM software licenses and automation of z / OS commands and messages


Partner with Stonebranch and brings Universal Controller, replacement solution for Control-M or any other job scheduler on the market.


Partner with ADAPTIGENT developer Fabric, solution for integration between cross-platform applications


Launches GFS/ZCL, software to copy data from mainframe to cloud. 

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