Implements systematic quality control, authentication, and data integrity validation for z/OS tape library media.

GFS/TQS implements systematic quality control for z/OS tape library media. It allows the identification of tapes that have reached their usage limit, provides periodic retensioning, and automates the replacement process of old tapes, ensuring data integrity and reliability for long term data storage.
By providing features for reading and authenticity certifications, GFS/TQS also promotes the adherence of the z/OS tape library infrastructure to various compliance requirements, including Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, and ITIL.
GFS/TQS provides two types of certification: reading certification and integrity certification.

Reading Certification executes routines to certify file reading, demonstrating its readability.

 Integrity Certification produces an authentication that works like an electronic “fingerprint” of the file, representing the uniqueness of its content. Any differences that are detected when comparing authenticated versions produced at different times, will show that the file has been accidentally or intentionally changed.
GFS/TQS also allows the monitoring of VSM® physical volume usage (MVCs); which are not recognized by the z/OS operating system.

GFS/TQS Benefits

• Fulfills audit and compliance requirements (Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, ITIL, etc.)
• Validates authenticity and integrity of data stored on tape media
• Ensures quality and usage control of tape media
• Implements automated systematic quality control
• Reduces risk of fraud and information loss

GFS/TQS interfaces with GFS/AFM and other z/OS tape library managers in the market.

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