Log management and analysis of jobs and multiplatform processes.

In the largest corporations, the components of critical business systems are usually distributed between different platforms, executed in z/OS, UNIX, Linux, and Windows. Protecting and monitoring the process of production in all systems is a strategic task that organizations need to manage in a complete and centralized way. Connecting the distributed system and the z/OS are decisive pre-requirements for efficient production in heterogeneous environments.

The components of Beta 92 guarantee the security of production through SYSOUT (logs of jobs and processes) analyses automation, access, and management logs from all platforms. The system searches logs for the presence of errors, assuring processes are correct.

Beta 92 offers an ample array of functionalities for a centralized management of production processes, including graphic interfaces and agents for UNIX, Linux, SAP, and Windows.

Beta 92 enables log management and analysis of job and process logs of z/OS, UNIX, Linux and Windows. The system searches logs from all platforms for errors, thus ensuring smooth production throughout the entire enterprise. You can employ the proven advantages of mainframes – reliability and productive efficiency – as well as tried and tested infrastructure data center batch processing throughout the enterprise, while at the same time guaranteeing the highest level of production security for all platforms.
Beta 92 includes input agents for UNIX, Linux, SAP® and Windows systems, and a java-based GUI.

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