Tool for automation of company batch processes. It operates on all platforms: z/OS, Unix, Windows and Cloud, in an integrated way, providing a single point of control for the entire fabric of the production process.

GFS Software, looking to offer its customers the best solutions and cost-effective, presents the Universal Controller as an effective alternative to Job Scheduler.

Stonebranch, the US-based software company, offers software capable of successfully replacing Control-M or any other Job Scheduler.

There are a number of substitution cases in the US – so we believe that companies no longer need to be hostages of CONTROL packages and start to establish transparent and independent contracts.

We know of the ambiguous need of companies today: cost reduction versus investment in digital transformation. That’s why we offer a reliable solution with the most competitive prices.

We have our technical team, composed of highly qualified professionals, who were trained in person by the company.

Our support is 24/7, totally in Portuguese, and allows us a close and agile customer relationship.

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