It provides an online interface with the z / OS RACF Security System, so that the environment can be easily managed and audited; in a variety of platforms and locations; in a centralized or decentralized way, promoting significant reduction of effort and dependence on specialists.

Mainframe / RACF environment information security management, control, auditing and monitoring functions.

It provides online interfaces with the Mainframe / RACF Security System, so that the environment can be easily managed, enabling operations in several locations in a centralized or decentralized manner.

Own databases, synchronously updated image of the RACF database, from which the information is accessed;

Log files of the product itself allow you to identify commands issued to RACF, registering the event, which terminal, which time, which user.

Real-time online analysis of RACF and MVS environments.

It operates in a Multi-CPU environment, in Master / Master or Master / Slave modes, and can be operated from a single environment, from which you can navigate without loss of integrity.

It maintains up to 25 concurrent database generations online for RACF and SMF information.

Key Features:

Simple commands for adding, changing, or deleting groups, users, and resources represented by RACF Profiles;

Complex commands for cloning groups, users and resources represented by RACF Profiles;

The clone command supports creating aliases for users in z / OS catalogs;

Batch updates

Possibility of generating commands for batch updates;

Possibility of generating batch commands for cloning and deletion of groups, users and resources;


Analysis of orphan profiles and redundancies

Automatically check whether deleting any RACF group, user, or resource will leave orphaned profiles.

Ensures that no redundant data remains in the database after deleting RACF groups, users, or resources;

Report generator,

Variety of predefined reports for information on RACF and SMF in Online and Batch mode, also allowing the user to generate their own reports from any fields in any of the Product Database.

Timed Commands

RACF-specific commands can be executed only during set interval; after the end of the interval the original condition is immediately restored.

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