Management of modifications to the z/OS, while adhering to compliance requirements

Compliance and Change Management of the z/OS Operating Environment

The SYSchange is a tool for managing changes in the z/OS environment, offering:

• Protection of critical systems
• Capturing changes in real time
• Control and change management
• Auditing, reporting, and monitoring of changes
• Synchronization of software environments
• Efficient distribution of software changes

These tasks are run in multiple LPARs in a SYSPLEX, as well as between multiple SYSPLEX.

Main Features

• Protection of critical system libraries
• Raising the level of security and reliability
• Compliance (SOX)/Audit
• Process of Change Request (CR)
• Identification of changes and packaging
• Synchronization of DR environments
• Centralized management of software changes
• Feedback resource distribution


• New VSAM Change Manager component allows data centers to identify and report record-level changes in VSAM clusters. It also enables data centers to create “full” backup for all VSAM types (KSDS, RRDS, ESDS and LDS) and “differential” backups for KSDS and RRDS.

• Email Alert – for certain highly critical libraries, users may request to send an email alert to designated recipients when the library is changed.

• Control of all system changes in real time
• Auditing and monitoring of system changes
• Adherence to compliance requirements (SOX, etc. ..)
• System protection in member level
• Centralized maintenance of systems
• Identification and packaging of the changes made
• Comparison and synchronization of different environments
• Distribution of maintenance packages to other environments
• Immediate rollback in case of failures

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