Comprehensive cross-reference tool that interrelates all components of the application: reducing effort and increasing accuracy in the maintenance, documentation and operation of systems.

XINFO is an impact analysis tool for changes in application components in production for the z / OS environment.

It has an active and comprehensive Database that interrelates all the components that integrate the application.

XINFO also analyzes the relevant fontain of all origins, through expert processes: XINFO SCANNERS. And so, collects and analyzes data from:

  • Programs: Cobol, PL1, ASM, C, Java, EASYTRIEVE, BOOKS, Macros and Load Modules.
  • JCL: Jobs, Procedures, Includes, Parameter library.
  • Schedulers: Control / M, TWS, CA-7, Zeke.
  • Output System: Control / D, Beta93.
  • Subsystems info: CICS, DB2, IMS.
  • System: SMF, Space management.

The results are available in z / OS Database DB2, Oracle or MS SQL.

Already queries can be made through Windows PC Client or ISPF / SQL.

There are several scanners that interpret the source source, interpreting, according to their specialization, the interdependence of components:

  • Cobol Scanner recognizes dynamic calls, CICS, IMS SQL, including specific loads / calls.
  • JCL Scanner dynamically allocates and reads Procedures, Includes and SYSIN Members; identifies IMS and DB2 program calls; resolves scheduler variables (CT / M, TWS ..); resolves IDCAMS DSNs and DB2 tables / tablespaces utilities.
  • The Scheduler Scanner is designed to interpret the specific logic of each product.


Windows PC Client (xinfo.exe, Windows folder)

  • Queries are grouped by Scanners for user selection;
  • You define a selection criterion on the form;
  • Results are displayed in tables, flows, charts or diagrams;
  • Mouse clicks open detail menu about the object in additional functions such as sort, grouping and summarization, which assist the user in the analysis of the results.



Interface available;


ISPF Dialog

Interface available;

  • SQL;

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